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On Time Graduation Report (OTG)
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In each academic session, there shall be two types of examination for each student, viz. a) Internal Assessment Tests and b) term-End Examination.

1.2-There shall be Internal Assessment Tests for 20 percent of marks in each paper in each core subject and the students shall be examined for the rest 80 percent of marks in the Term- End Examination.

1.3-During each year of the Three-Year Degree Course there shall be three/two Internal Assessment tests in each paper in each subject and one Term-End Examination in each subject.

1.4-The marks secured in internal assessment tests shall be counted paper-wise in each subject for each student which shall be taken alongwith the marks scored by the student concerned in the concerned paper of the concerned subject in the relevant term-End Examination for determining his/her ultimate and final score in that paper in the subject.

1.5-The final result of a student shall be decided and declared at the end of the third Term-End Examination as appropriate to the student concerned by putting together all the relevant marks secured by him/her in the examinations (both Internal Assessment Tests and the Term-End Examination) held during all the three years of the integrated Three-year Degree course.

1.6-No student shall be awarded Degree certificates before the completion of the Three-year Degree Course. However, each student may be issued a course completion certificate and a provisional mark list after the first and second year Term-End     Examinations taken separately.

1.7-Passing the Foundation and the Ancillary subjects taken separately shall be obligatory before filling up the forms for admission into the Term End Examination. This is not applicable for the students of +3 1st Yr. classes (2003 admission batch).

1.8-There cannot be any extra or additional Internal Assessment Examination for the absentees in such examinations.
Filling Up Of Forms For Degree Classes :

2.1-The filling up of forms for the Term-End Examination is mandatory for the students who become eligible to appear at the same. Even if a student fails in Term-End Examination, he/she will be promoted to the next higher class. However, if a student who is eligible to fill-up the forms before Ter-End Examination does not fill-up forms before the commencement of the said examinations as per the Utkal University Regulations, his/her studentship shall cease.

2.2-In order to be eligible to fill-up form for the Term-End Examination a student is required to take at least one Internal Assessment Test in each subject.

2.3-A student shall be required to attend at least 75 percent of the total theory and practical classes taken separately held in each subject during each academic session. However, the Principal may condone the shortage of attendance to the extent of 15 percent in exceptional cases subject to the production of sufficient evidence by the student concerned in support of his/her inadvertent failure to attend requisite number of classes. It may further be increased by 5 percent in State/Country in national and/or international events/ competition/ function etc. sometime during the current academic year provided that the student seeking such concession appeals to the Principal in writing with the following enclosures.

i)A copy of the letter of his/her being selected/invited to participate in the events referred to above.

ii)A certificate from the host college/institution/organisation /University etc. to the effect that he/she has actually participated.

2.4 Attendance of a student admitted lately as per rule shall be counted from the date of his/her admission.

2.5 If a student fails to obtain the required percentage of attendance and/or fails to take atleast one Internal Assessment Test in each subject, his/her studentship ceases.
Change Of Subjects :

3.1 A student of the first year of the Three-year Degree course may be allowed to change the subject/subjects at the discretion of the Principal before the first Internal Assessment Test on payment of prescribed fees if any. No change of subject shall be allowed during the second and third years of the course.

Registration Of Students :

4.1 A student admitted into the first year of the Three year Degree course or a student migrating from other University shall have to register himself/herself as a student of the Utkal University before he/she appears at the first Term-End Examination conducted by the N.C.(Autonomous) College,Jajpur.

Improvement Examination :

5.1 Any eligible student can take improvement examinations if he/she so desires irrespective of his/her mark. Students of P.G and U.G. classes of 2003 admission batch and thereafter securing 60% or above marks in a paper/papers in the Term End / P.G. Examination shall not be eligible for filling in application forms for taking the Improvement Examination in the paper/ papers concerned.

5.2 A student can take improvement examination only once for a paper of a particular year, i.e. I, II or III yr.

5.3 Improvement Examination for a paper of a particular year can only be taken at the time of Term End Examination of the subsequent year.
P.G. Classes :

6.1 For P.G. classes there will be no Internal Assessment Examinations. There will be part I examination at the end of the I year and part II examination at the end of the II year.

6.2 If a student does not fill up form for the Part-I examination, he will have to fill up form for the whole examination next year. However, a student cannot take part II examination without appearing at Part-I examination.

6.3 A student can take improvement examination only once for a paper of a particular year, i.e. Part I or Part – II. The improvement chance be made applicable to the candidates who have passed the respective examination.

6.4 Improvement Examination for a paper of a particular year or part can only be taken at the time of the examination (for that year / part) of the subsequent year.

Prize For The Best Graduate :
Prof. S.Rao, Ex-Principal, N.C.(Auto.)College, Jajpur has contributed a sum of Rs. 5600/- in form of a fixed deposit in the UCO Bank, Abdalpur Branch for the creation of a fund named in memory of his father as “SUDHAKAR RAO MEMORIAL FUND”. The interest proceeds of the fund has to be given as a cash prize to the Best Graduate securing highest percentage of marks in the Degree Examination of the year, not appearing at any improvement examination. Marks secured in foundation and ancillary subjects shall not be taken into consideration.

Award For The Best Post Graduate:
Prof. S.Rao, Ex-Principal, N.c.(Auto.) College, Jajpur and Retd. Addl. Director, Higher Education, Orissa has contributed a sum of Rs. 5000/- in the form of a fixed deposit in the UCO Bank, Abdalpur branch for the creation of a Fund named in the memory of his mother as “SUSAMA RAO MEMORIAL FUND”. The interest proceeds of the fund has to be given as a cash prize to the best Post Graduate of the college.

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