Title of the PracticeTITLE – ITITLE – II
Title of the Practice“DONATE BLOOD SAVE LIFE”“BATYA”   (Cyclonic Storm)
Year of InceptionEvery year   Practice is still continuingEvery year   Practice is still continuing
Objectives of the PracticeThe objective is to donate blood to save life Promoting among the students the spirit of social service.Making the students and others aware that by donating blood no one falls ill, rather it stimulates blood cell production.Our college aims to prepare the students for handling the situations of natural calamities by joining hands with teachers, other government officials.  
The ContextJajpur is more than 100 kilometres away from the medical colleges and hospitals. Hence saving a life in urgent cases becomes the responsibilities of the student volunteers of the college. Odisha is geographically known as a cyclone prone state. Hence cyclone preparedness has  been given prime importance and our college prepares the students for the said purpose every year.Jajpur as a district of Odisha state is surrounded by rivers like Baitarani, Budha and Kharasrota. Heavy rain falls brings high flood in the low lying area thereby bringing lot of suffering to the people.Hence preparedness is highly essential to face such situations of natural calamities. 
. The PracticeEvery year the student volunteers of the college, particularly the YRC volunteers donate blood to the blood bank.Every year training camps are organised in the college campus by the  officers of Odisha Fire Service and ODRAF ( Odisha Disaster Rapid Action Force). The student volunteers of the college are trained how to extinguish fire, use the ladder or how to cut trees or branches that may be uprooted during cyclonic storms.
Evidence of SuccessSometimes two blood donation camps are organised in one academic session and near about 250 blood bottles are collected.The student volunteers make themselves ready to help the district administration. They along with the officers of district administration go for rescue works. The teachers and students of the college also organise relief camps on their own to help people in waterlogged areas. However, every care is taken see the safety of the volunteers first. In no condition volunteers who do not know swimming are allowed to go for such operations.
Problems Encountered and Resources Required Resource / funding is the main problem for organising such training camps and relief missions.
Notes (Optional) Such programmes may be extended to other institutions for the betterment of the society.