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General Rules :

1.Undertaking :
Before a student is admitted to the college he/she or his/her guardian, if he/she is a major, has to sign an undertaking in proper form to abide by the rules of the college.

2.Address :
Each student must register in the college office the address where he or she lives. He or she must also inform the office at once in case of any subsequent change of address.

3.Bicycle Shed :
Students are advised to keep their bicycles with the provision of double lock in the cycle shed and obtain the token from the watchman.

In case the token is lost the cycle can not be taken out of the cycle shed until he/she has paid the fine for the loss of the token and submitted an under taking to the satisfaction of the authority that the cycle belongs to him/her.

Students, who wish to obtain leave of absence from the college, must apply for it before they actually absent themselves. In special cases such as illness, where it is not possible to obtain leave in advance, an application for grant of leave should be sent by post or submitted immediately upon return to college if the period of absence is short.

5.Fees :
Fees are received only on the date and time fixed for the collection.
Fees And Subscriptions

6.Private, Club, Society/Team :
Students of the college are forbidden to belong to any outside club or society without the prior permission of the Principal. Such permission is to be sought in writing. The request for such permission is to be duly signed by the student’s father or natural guardian. To play for a team other than the college team, without written permission of the Principal is also forbidden.

7.Permission to Accompany the College Team :
When a match is to be played away from Jajpur, members of the team and students who wish to accompany the team, must obtain prior leave of absence from the Principal. Those who are residents of the hostel must also obtain the permission from the Superintendent of the hostel.

8.Discipline :
(i)The students are advised to bring with them their identity cards to the college. It is essential to distinguish them from outsiders who are liable to be asked to vacate.

(ii)Spitting on the walls, floor, pillars or doors of the college, disfiguring the walls and creating noise in the college and hostel premises are strictly prohibited.

(iii)Students are forbidden to loiter in the corridors. When they have no classes to attend, they may go to the college common room or to Hostel Common Room if boarders.

(iv)Students are warned against tampering with the electric fittings of the college. Severe punishment will be inflicted on a student who indulges in such act.

(v)Misbehavior of college students in football or hockey or other matches will be seriously viewed.

(vi)Students are advised not to take active part in party politics.

(vii)No club or society should be started or maintained in the college without the approval of the Principal.

(viii)Continued absence without leave for one or more days on the part of students is a serious breach of college discipline. In such cases on or before the third day of such absence the name of the absentee will be struck off the college rolls. However, the Principal may at his discretion excuse a student.

Article 106 (iii) Orissa Education Code.

9.Identity Cards :
Students shall be in possession of the Identity Cards issued by the college. They have to produce the same on demand by authorities. Duplicate identity card can be issued on payment as per guidelines.

10.Issue of C.L.C. and Certificate :
(i)C.L.C., T.C. and Mark Sheet shall be issued to students three days after the submission of application accompanied by a clearance certificate.
(ii)University Certificate shall be issued on every Saturday only if it is a working day.
(iii)In exigencies, Principlas Decision is final.

11. Notices :
(iv)Every student should see the notice board kept at different points in the college to obtain necessary information.

(v)No student should remove any notice from the notice board.

12.Students’ Enquiry & Information :
Three is a students enquiry and information bureau to provide information to the students and public on matters of students interest.

13.Proctorial System :
Proctorial system has been introduced in the college since the 1970-71. Its main objective is to develop close personal contact between students and teachers with a view to providing guidance and help to students for the improvement of their academic standards as well as for removal of personal difficulties as far as possible.

Under the proctorial scheme each proctor is assigned a group of students on faculty basis and he conducts proctorial meetings at least once a month, where the students get an opportunity to express their difficulties regarding their study and matters connected with it. The recommendation of the proctor is necessary for award of financial aid and for consideration of results in college examinations. Applications of students unless routed through the proctor are liable to rejection.

Guardians of the students are expected to meet the principal and proctor and enquire about the welfare and progress of their ward. Progress report and reports regarding undesirable activities on the part of the students are sent to the guardians from time to time for information and active co-operation.



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