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National Webinar on ” Need of self defence training programme for girl students ” Organized on 5th December 2020 by self defence wing of NCAC Jajpur Odisha

Scholarship & Aids

Free Studentship :

(i)12.5 percent of the students of the College are granted free studentship.

(ii)Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe students are exempted from paying tuition fees on production of a certificate in the prescribed form. They are also required to produce an income certificate in the prescribed form within a fortnight from the date of admission for consideration of their cases for adhoc grant of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Scholarship.

Aid from the Social Service Guild :
Annual aid is also given to deserving students by the College Social Service Guild.

Aid from the Students’ Aid Fund :
Similar aid is given from the Students’ Aid Fund. Government aid to poor students through Social Service Guild will be awarded to deserving poor students. It will be awarded by the Governing Body of the College and the College Social Service Guild will have a say in the matter.

Government’s Scholarship & Stipends :

(a)National Science Talent Search Scholarship :

Students of First Year of +2 Science only are eligible to appear in the National Science Talent Search Examination. The Intending candidates shall prepare themselves for the said examination under the guidance of science teachers. The selected students shall be awarded scholarship for their study at B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. stage.

(b)National Scholarship :

A number of post-matric National Scholarships are awarded to meritorious students remaining tenable up to the Master’s Degree stage subject to securing a first class in C.H.S.E. and University examination.

(c)State Scholarship :

A number scholarships are awarded by the State on merit only.

Other Scholarships, Stipends & Awards :

1.Scholarships are awarded by T.R.W. Department to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe students on application in the prescribed form.

2.Financial assistance is given to the children of Goldsmiths affected by promulgation of Gold Control Order.

3.Financial assistance is also given to the children of Ex-service personnel.

4.Scholarship to the students orthopedically handicapped are awarded on application.

5.Financial assistance at the rate of 100% is also given to each student who has passed H.S.C. Examination in 1st. division and got free studentship for the preceding two years in the school studied last.

Rules Governing the Scholarship Holder :

(a)All scholarships and aid are granted subject to sat isfactory conduct and diligence in studies.

(b)Scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if the progress and conduct of the scholar is unsatisfactory.

(c)No person receiving a scholarship shall be permitted to hold any other scholarship wholly or partly provided by the Government without the special sanction of the Director. Such sanction shall be accorded only for very distinguished merit.

(d)Absence without leave for any period up to thirty days at a time shall amount to loss of scholarship for twice the amount for the period of absence.

(e)Absence without leave for more than thirty days at one time shall amount to forfeiture of the entire scholarship awarded.

(f)While receiving scholarship or any other financial help from the college office the students should produce their Identity Cards.


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