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WELCOME TO Narasingh Choudhury Autonomous College, Jajpur

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•    To inculcate qualities of nobility, beauty and bravery for a progressive, prosperous and powerful India. •    To promote a set of values to strengthen human bonds. •    To build students as effective instruments of social change. •    To promote scientific temper and inquisitive spirit for a brighter tomorrow. •    To create a climate of…


The institution envisions a bright future and encourages the students to march towards ever higher objectives with focus on interdisciplinary research and innovative ideas.

College Crest

In the enclosed space between the two circles are given the name of the college, the year of its establishment and a Sanskrit motto “Vidyaya Vindate ‘mrutam”, an Upanishadic text which means one attains immortality with learning. At the centre of the inner circle is a wheel that represents continuing progress. In the lower quadrant…

Thank U, Visiting Our Website.