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There are a number of societies in the College for the purpose of holding debates, reading papers, arranging lectures and taking up other cognate activities for the pro-motion of the academic interest of the students.

The Principal shall be the ex-officio president of all the societies and he / She or his / her nominee shall preside over the meeting of all societies subject to the provision of their constitutions.

The Principal shall have direct control over funds of all the societies. 10% of the funds of all societies shall be kept at his disposal and shall be spent at his discretion for the general welfare of the college and the students.

The office bearers of all the societies shall assume office after the elections are over in the General Body meet-ing on a fixed date by the principal. They will take over charge from the respective Adviser or the Vice-president as the case may be.

The members of the teaching staff may be nominated as Associate Adviser of the College Union or Associate Vice-president of different Associations and Societies, if the Prin-cipal so desires. The members of the staff so nominated, will be members of the concerned Executive Committee and they will act in the capacity of the Adviser/Vice-Presi-dent in latter’s absence. They will also assist the Adviser/ Vice-President in conducting cultural and other functions.

Thank U, Visiting Our Website.