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12.Once at the beginning of each session on such date as the Govt. / Principal may decide, elections shall be held for different offices of the college union provided that normal condition prevails.

13.Nominations to such elections duly proposed and seconded shall reach the Principal in writing seven days before the date of election.

14.a) Every member of the Union has the right to vote in every election.

b)No member shall cast more than one vote for each office to be filled.

c)A student is eligible to contest for one office only.

15.Election shall be conducted and votes recorded and attested in such manner as the Principal shall determine.

16.a) The candidate obtaining the largest number of votes shall be declared elected.

b)Any complaint with regard to polling or counting should be submitted in writing to the Principal immediately at the time of polling or counting. No complaint will be entertained afterward.

17.The election petition, specifically for recounting will be accepted by the Principal if it satisfies the conditions mentioned mentioned below.

a)After counting a provisional result of the election will be declared.

b)If a candidate finds that he/she has lost the election by “marginal votes” he/she may represent for recounting within one hour after the declaration of the provisional result. Any such petition shall be signed by atleast 25 voters.

c)The “marginal votes” shall always be constituted “FIVE” in case the total number of valid votes polled in respect of the office is 500 (five hundred) or above and “TWO” in case of total number of valid votes polled is less that 500 (five hundred).

18.In case of a “TIE” the result shall be determined by lot by the Principal in the presence of the contestants concerned.

19.a) Any Election petition giving specific complain

is to be accepted by the Principal within seven days from the date of election if it is signed by not less than 25 voters.

b)If the Principal is convinced that the elected candidate has won in an illegal way, election for that office will be declared null and void and by-election for that office will be conducted within a fortnight from the date of pronouncement of judgment.

20.The Principal shall be the final authority in all matters relating to the college election and his decision will be binding.

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