The college has one 56 seated hostel for men students called “The Braja Mohan Praharaj Hostel”. The hostel is named after the late Braja Mohan Praharaj of Markandapur, Jajpur, the principal donor. There is another two hostels ( I & II) for women students providing accommodation for 220 boarders. and 32 boarders respectively.

Application for admission to the hostel should be made to the Principal, N.C.College, Jajpur after taking admission.

Students living in the hostel shall be considered to be under the direct control of the Principal not only during college hours but at all other times during the term.
Hostel Rules

1.The Residence Committee is constituted of the following members of the staff for deciding principles for hostel admission and other important matters.
a)Principal – President

b)Superintendents of hostels

c)Administrative Bursar

d)Accounts Bursar

The senior-most superintendent will act as the convenor.

2.Seats will be allotted to students by the superintendent for a period of 2 years (P.G. students) and 3 years (Degree students).

3.The Superintendent may permit a student to live in the hostel temporarily for not more than forty eight hours. Temporary residence for a longer period will require the sanction of the Principal.

4.No Boarder shall leave the hostel unless he/she obtains the permission of the Principal. An application for the purpose shall be made through the superintendent of the hostel who will ascertain

that all dues of the hostel have been paid and that no damage to hostel property has been done by the boarder before forwarding the application with a clearance certificate. In case of a minor the application shall be made by the parent/guardian.

5.If a boarder wishes to return to the hostel after the Summer Vacation he must inform the Superintendent of it in writing before he/she leaves the hostel at the time of vacation. Ordinarily no one who fails to secure a good conduct certificate from the superintendent will be readmitted.
6.(a) The Hostel remains closed during the Puja and Summer Vacation. Boarders wishing to remain in the hostel during the Puja must receive special permission to do so.
(b)The Superintendnt shoud submit to the Principal a report on repairing work to be undertaken during the Summer vacation one day prior to the Commencement of the vacation.
7.(a) Beds, chairs, cooking utensils will be supplied by the hostel. Boarders will be responsible for the furniture supplied to them and will be required to make good any wiful damage.
(b)The superintendent is required to conduct an annual check of the stock of hostel furniture and other articles and a report to that effect will have to be submitted to the Principal one day prior to the commencement of the summer vacation.
8.The internal management of the hostel will rest with the superintendent.
9.The roll call will be taken at least once daily at a time specified by the superintendent.
10.There will be fixed hours both in the morning and in the evening for study and for meals. No boarder shall ordinarily be allowed to leave his room during study hours.
11.No boarder shall be absent from the hostel after 11 pm. when the lights will be put out. The superintendent

will be responsible for the maintenance of order and discipline in the hostel. He has power to punish

boarders for breach of discipline. All cases of gross misconduct must be reported to the principal.
12.The following will be considered breach of discipline :
a)Absence from the hostel without leave.
b)Continued neglect of study.
c)Want of cleanliness and tidings in the rooms.
d)Spitting about the rooms and verandahs.
e)Singing or playing a musical instrument except during specified hours.
f)Too loud noisy behaviour.
g)Frequent absence from the hostel during night roll call.
h)Use of intoxicant and gambling of any sort.
i)Writing on or in any other way disfiguring the walls, doors or windows of the building.
j)Holding meeting in the hostel without the approval of the superintendent.
k)Misconduct of any other nature.
l)Introduction of unauthorized person.

13.The superintendent will keep a Conduct Register in which names of boarders will be entered in cases of serious misconduct. Gross misconduct on the part of a boarder shall also render him liable to have his name entered in the Conduct Register of the College.

14.If a boarder absents himself from the hostel between nightfall and 6 am. he must give satisfactory reasons for such absence. If he fails to do so he will be liable to expulsion from the hostel.

15.A student may be removed from the hostel by the Principal on the report of the superintendent for habitual or gross misconduct.

16.Absence of leave will require the sanction of the superintendent.

17.Father and natural guardians and other guests of boarders may be permitted with previous sanction to stay in the hostel for one night provided that the visit has reference to the interest and welfare of the boarders. Such permission shall need the sanction of the superintendent.

18.The mess in the College Hostel will be seen by the hostel authorities with the assistance of Mess Committee. All boarders are members of the mess. The members of the mess will take their food in the dining room attached to the mess. Meals will not be served in the rooms of boarders.

19.The mess dues will be collected by the Hostel Offices within the first week of every month. If the dues of any month are not paid within the above period, a late payment of 50 paise per day will be charged. If the dues are not paid by the end of the month the name of the defaulters will be reported to the Principal. All collections will be made only on certain dates to be fixed by the superintendent. Collection of mess dues will be made by a part-time clerk on fixed date and the clerk will deposit the amount with the hostel superintendent. A boarder must pay the full establishment charge for the month.

The mess affairs will be managed by the mess Committee which will consist of the Superintendent and the mess representatives. The mess representatives will be elected by the members of mess at the beginning of the session. Any decision of the Committee may be vetoed by the superintendent. The day-to-day affairs

of the mess shall be looked after by the Asst. superintendent.

The mess representatives are responsible for the quality of food prepared in the mess and they will guide the mess manager as to the kind of rations to be supplied. Boarders are permitted to entertain guest on payment of charges to be determined by the Mess committee. Boarders who bring in guests are responsible for the conduct of the guests. A boarder wishing to entertain a guest must inform the mess manager well in time to enable the meals to be cooked.

Boarders are not permitted to take any direct action against any cook or servant. All complaints should be brought to the notice of the superintendent.


College Publication

The Jijnasa(ଜିଜ୍ଞାସା) – The N.C. College Magazine 2019-20

It is at present published once a year. The maga-zine intends to encourage and develop the creative abilities of student and to provide them with learned and beneficial articles from the professors of the college or other guest contributors.

Darsana – N.C.College Wall Magazine :

The wall magazine introduced in 1972-73 is in-tended to provide frequent opportunities to the students and members of the staff for creative expression.

The College Calendar :

The official bulletin called the College Calendar is published annually under the authority of the Principal, N.C. College, Jajpur,


1 U.G.C 22072
2 RUSA 5502
3 GENERAL 49464
4 BOOK BANK 4210
TOTAL 82348

Library Rules

(a) The college Library is kept open from 10-30 A.M to 4-30 P.M on all working days of the college. However , on “book issue “ days it opens at 11A.M.

(b)The Principal reserves the right to alter the working hours at his discretion.

(c)The first and last hours of every working day are set apart for office work of the library.

(d)Notice shall be issued from time to time by the principal/professor in-charge of the library regarding the hours of issue and return of books to all categories of borrowers.

2.A person, even if otherwise qualified for admission into the Library, shall not be admitted into the Library premises if he is not of sound mind or is not clean in person or dress.

3.No book should be taken out of the Library with out the knowledge of the Librarian and until it has been properly entered in the Loan Register and the entry attested by the borrower.

4.Each borrower must examine the condition of the book before leaving the issue counter. In case mutilations are discovered later the borrower will be held responsible which will make him liable to such penalties as may be imposed by the principal.

5.No marginal or other note or marking shall be made in the Library books, nor shall any picture, map page be removed or torn or otherwise disfigured.

6.Any book lost, damaged or defaced by a borrower must be replaced by him. If the book is of a set or series and the volume cannot be obtained singly, the whole set or series must be replaced by the borrower. If the book is rare or irreplaceable the borrower must pay ten times the cost of the book. (letter no.62415(91)/HE dt.9.10.01)

7.The Librarian will report to the Principal about the person responsible for improper use of Library books.

8.Books should be returned within the period allowed to a borrower which is 14 days from the date of issue for students, one month from the date of issue for college teaching staff.

9.When the date of return of a book falls on an authorised holiday it should be returned to the Library on the day the college reopens after the holiday.

10.A borrower against whom any overdue or other charges are outstanding shall not be allowed to borrow from the Library until the Library dues are cleared.

11.Whoever might have a Library book in his possession should return it to the Library when ever he receives a requisition for the return of the book from the Librarian.

12.Although ordinarily there will be no restriction on the use of books in the Library, the Principal has the right to stop the issue of certain books to all or some intending borrowers.

13.All those who happen to be inside the Library or its neighbourhood are expected to observe strict silence. All kinds of talking except what is absolutely necessary for the transaction of Library business are forbidden inside the Library. The Librarian is authorised to see that silence is strictly observed and report any wilful breach of the same.

14.Spitting, smoking, sleeping inside the Library and putting one’s legs on the Library furniture are strictly forbidden.

15.Cases of incivility inside the Library should at once be reported to the Principal.

16.None but members of the teaching staff and the ministerial staff may have direct access to the Library shelves.

17.The following is the list showing the maximum number of books to be issued to various classes of borrowers,

(a) Members of the teaching staff–10 each
(b) Ministerial staff–3 each
(c) The Librarian and P.E.T–3 each
(d) Students – M.A. & M.Sc.–4 each
(e) Students – B.A. & B.Sc. & B.Com (Hons)–3 each

18.A book once issued to borrower may be re- issued to him or her only when nobody else wants to take that book. The book before reissued should be presented before the Librarian for necessary entries in the register.

19.Maps, CHSE calenders, CHSE Questions, current issue periodicals, Courses of studies & rare books shall not be issued for use at home without special permission of the Principal.

20.Members of the teaching staff, research scholars the ministerial staff the Librarian and the P.E.T., members of the Governing Body and the College Medical Officer may take books from the Library signing Loan Register. Books issued to the college teachers shall be returned by the person concerned within 30 days from the date of issue. Books issued to the nonteaching employees shall be returned by the person concerned within 15 days from the date of issue. Books borrowed within one week of the commencement of the summer vacation shall be returned by the person concerned within one week of the reopening of the college after summer vacation. (Letter

No. 62415/HE dt. 9.10.2001).Members of the teaching staff are allowed to borrow text and reference books
concerning their own departments.

21.In those cases in which the price of the lost books can not be ascertained, the borrowers should pay compensation amount as fixed by the Principal and in those cases where the price of lost books can be ascertained, the borrower must pay ten times the cost on failing to replace the lost book.

22.The books issued to various seminars will be kept under the direct supervision of the Head of the Dept. or person nominated by him. The Prof. in charge of seminar will be held responsible for any loss or damage of the book.

23.Books once borrowed cannot be ordinarily transferred to another individual without physical verification by the Librarian.

24.A person who takes books from the library is supposed to have read the Library rules and is supposed to have agreed to abide by them. Ignorance of the Library Rules will be not be an excuse for any breach.

Special Rules For Students

1.In case a student does not return the Library books within the time allowed, a fine of 50 paise per book per week or part there of will be charged till the return of such book.

2.A student must return the library books issued to him/ her before the date of form fillup for the Term End examination failing which he / she will not be allowed to fill up his/her form.

3.All students sent up for the Term End Examination intending to keep library books during the Term End Examination, may be issued library books if they deposit ten times the price of the book(s).

In such cases the borrowers shall be permitted to keep books with them till the Term End Examination is over and shall return the books within seven days from the last date of the Examination.