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1.The functions of the College Union are :

a)To organise discussion on general, cultural, academic, national and international problems.
b)To organise debates.
c)To invite eminent persons to address the Union.
d)To take up such other activities as are proposed by the Union.
Members of the Union :

2.Every +3 and P.G. Course student of the college is a member of the Union. No one whose name is not on the rolls of the College can be a member of the Union.N.B: College union election strictly follows the Lyngdo Commission guidelines.

3.Every student of the College shall pay to the Union fund a subscription of Rs.9/- per anum alongwith the first instalment of college fees for the session.

4.The meeting of the Union shall be open to all the members of the staff, who, if they so desire, can take part in the proceedings of the meeting.
The Executive Committee :

5.There shall be an Executive Committee of the College Union consisting of the following :
a)The President.
b)The Vice-President.
c)The Secretary.
d)The Assistant Secretary.
e)One student representative to be elected from each class.
6.(a) The functions of the Executive Committee shall be
i)To draw up programme for the Union activity for the session.
ii)To prepare the Union Budget for the session (60% for Inauguration ceremony & 40% for Annual day function including debate & other competitions).
iii)To undertake such activities as are consonant with the objective of the Union in accordance with the Constitution.
b)i) An ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee may be called by the Secretary in consultation with the President and the Adviser. Notice of such meeting with date, time, place and agenda shall be given to members at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. All such notices shall be countersigned by the Adviser and the principal and displayed on the notice board.
ii)An extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee can be convened any time by the Principal.
iii)A meeting of the Executive Committee shall be presided over by the President or, in his absence, by the Vice-President.
iv)No meeting of the Executive Committee can be conducted without the Adviser.
v)Two-third of the members of the Executive Committee shall constitute the quorum.
vi)The minutes of the meeting shall be maintained by the secretary and a copy there of shall be communicated by the Secretary to the Principal within two days through the Adviser.

Adviser :

7.a) There shall be an adviser and one or more associate advisers appointed by the principal from among the members of the staff.

b)The adviser/associate adviser shall remain present at the ordinary meeting of the Union in which he will assist the president in the proper conduct of the meeting and the president may refer to him

any rule for interrogation and the decision of the Advisor/Associate Adviser, when so referred to shall be final.

c)The adviser/associate adviser may at times call a meeting at the request of the president. He will explain the scope and effect of a motion or an amendment.

d)The adviser/associate adviser, if unable to be present at a meeting may request the principal to nominate a member of the staff to take his place and such a member shall discharge all the functions of the adviser.

e)Neither the adviser nor his deputy will preside over an ordinary meeting of the union unless specially requested to do so by the president.

f)All monetary transactions shall be made through the Adviser or the Associate Adviser in the absence of the former.

The President :

8.Any member of the Union is eligible to contest for the presidency ship of the Union. The president shall preside over all the ordinary meetings of the Union at which he is present. He shall be responsible for maintaining order and interpretation of the rules. His ruling shall be considered final except where he requests the adviser to give a ruling in which case ruling of the adviser shall be considered final.

The Vice-President :

9.The Vice-President must be a member of the Union & in the absence of the President he shall assume

all his rights and discharge all his duties. The vice-president must be a non-examinee.

The Secretary :

10.Any member of the Union can stand for the secretary ship of the Union and the secretary shall :

a)Arrange for debates, give notice of all ordinary meetings and record the minutes of all the meetings whether annual, ordinary or extraordinary.

b)Discharge his function in consultation with the president and the adviser, and

c)Invite speakers for debates and symposia.

The Asst. Secretary :

11.The Assistant Secretary must be a member of the Union. He shall assist the Secretary in the discharge
of his duties and in his absence perform his function.
The Assistant Secretary must be a non-examinee.

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