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Aim :
To promote national consciousness and a sense of social responsibility and to inculcate discipline and dignity of labour among the students.

Projects :
In order to achieve the aims, the NSS programme will include the following projects.

(a)Social service and work experience.

(b)General education through planning forum and seminar.

(c)Literary drive and social education.

(d)Campus work projects.

(e)Rover training, red cross activities and community living in campus.

Enrolment :
Students will be selected from 1st. and 3rd. year classes. Any student of other classes voluntarily coming for-ward may be enrolled. There will be two units of fifty students each.

Selection :
An intending participant shall apply in the prescribed form and will be selected on the following basis.

(a)Past experience,

(b)Extra curricular activities,

(c)Through observation.

Time :
The students associated with NSS will undertake the project assigned to them during sundays and on no other days disturbing their normal study.



Thank U, Visiting Our Website.